Appalachian Trail Thru-Hike: Poems, Last Quotes, Photos Gary Drury Author
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Poetry is the gateway to new found freedoms and self-discovery. It programs you mind contemplating things a touch differently than you may have before. Much like walking in another man's shoes for a day. Books are not merely for education and entertainment. They are a opening into the authors mind and soul. Weaving into their stories real-life experiences, beliefs, pollical views and other philosophies. When you discover an author, poet or novelist you truly enjoy. It's because you the reader relate to that writer. Poetry is a micro-story conveying its message in the simplest of form. Sometimes poems rhyme sometimes not, prose and 575 haikus often don't. Myriad people claim to loathe poetry. However, poetry is very important in their life. Every song you listen to is a poem that has been placed to music. I'm not trying to push books that is the sellers job. But, the only way to know for sure what you like and don't like is to give writers a try. You may just discover much more in common with them. Next time you read a poem try putting some music to it and see how it reads.Not everyone is going to hike the Appalachian Trail. Not everyone wants to, not everyone is able to. But for those who would like to experience the journey vicariously, walking the Trail in Drury's footsteps as they read his words, the book will be a travel guide. Drury's book FINDING NORTH can take you to the Trail, where you'll share the struggles and the triumphs of seven months that Drury, battered in body and exultant in spirit, will always remember.Published by Gary Drury Publishing™


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