Our Path to Freedom: How We Can Live Freer and More Peaceful Life Michael Lanfield Author
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In this defining self-help and informational guide, Michael Lanfield explains how corrupt our lives and culture are, and sets the facts straight, politically correct or not. This is a must-have book for those who are struggling in various areas of their lives through poor health and dietary choices, stress, anger, fear, depression, anxiety, money management and financial troubles, personal and romantic relationship issues, so we can truly become better and happier people.For decades, we've been told that we must follow a set of simple guiding principles or wait until we get to heaven to lead us to a fulfilled and happy life. Why can't we just be happy now? Let's be honest with ourselves, nearly all humans are basically living the same life as everyone else, and we expect different results, that will hopefully improve our lives for the better? This is nonsense! Michael Lanfield says. In his wildly popular, but yet, controversial YouTube channel, Lanfield doesn't hold anything back and tells the truth as it is raw, honest, and uncensored. This is the information that humanity is lacking today. Our Path to Freedom: How to Live a Freer and More Peaceful Life is his antidote to the all-right feel-right of the Western lifestyle that no longer serves humanity. Let's stop whining about our problems and start doing something about them.Lanfield states the facts, backed both by experience and ancient spiritual truths. Nature and love are the truths, but we've been lied to by the government, various institutions, and countless people, and told otherwise. Though this is one sad, and thought-provoking book, it does give us solutions that will increase the joy, happiness, and wisdom in our lives. If millions of others can do it, so can you.


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