The Sun My Destiny Logan Ryan Smith Author
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My name's King Clyde The Destroyer and I'm fourteen-years-old and I'm tough as nails and I've lived in a dump my whole life...Meet Clyde, a little boy whose whole world has been trash since the day he was born. In the massive garbage dump he calls home, Clyde navigates a dangerous landscape of trash mountains and the ever-present dread of what lies out there in The Great Beyond - the cracked and lightning-kissed land outside his Kingdom where he has never ventured to go. Within those walls, Clyde rules over the land as King, imagining himself a Hollywood stuntman as he races cars around The Used Car Lot, reading books at The Library, or reminiscing about long-lost family vacations while at The Memory Palace. Beyond those walls are dangers unimaginable, such as the gruesome monsters Clyde's mother warned him about - the ones that will eat his face off if he dares step foot beyond the Kingdom walls. But that's not the only warning his mother gave, for there's always the danger of invading Out-of-Towners - gasmasked nomads known to roam the dry land, stopping off at lifeless towns and garbage dumps to pillage for supplies and food, where anything or anyone could be on the menu. Yes, as a genuine momma's boy, Clyde takes these warnings to heart, but when a new family of Out-of-Towners lays down roots in his Kingdom, things are going to change for Clyde who'll soon learn to see garbage for what it really is - and where the monsters really live.


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