Fitness and self-care secrets: Strategies and rules to achieve ultimate fitness Kevin Durant Author
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You've long been struggling to lose those stubborn extra kilos, with punishing diets that starved you to death and drained the energy out of you- but to no avail. Let alone the gym fitness programs in which you've invested tons of money and effort, in an attempt to adopt the proactive lifestyle promising to transform your health and figure. It seems that in maintaining our physical and mental health there is a key feature we all too often ignore: SELF-CARE. Start Caring About Yourself! Written in a comprehensive language, this eye-opening guide in fitness & health will help you delve into the secrets of self-care, by shedding light into the DOs & DON'Ts of dieting and workout. Get insight into ways to boost your self-love, follow the route to a fit, healthy & toned body in simple steps and get educated on essential fitness & healthy eating tips. Let Personal Trainer and Holistic Health Counselor Kevin Durant take you through the maze of misconceptions concerning healthy habits and lead you with confidence to the nourishment of your own renewal source that will transform your life once and for all! Order Fitness & Self-Care Secrets NOW & Start Enjoying The Quality Life You Deserve!


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