Percy Possum's Puzzle Book 04: Yet More Premium Puzzles For Kids 7 Years Upwards Diana Leigh Author
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Percy Possum's Puzzle Book is packed with all sorts of puzzles for children aged 7 years and upwards.Some of them are quite easy, others will have you scratching your head, but they are all enjoyable and will give your little grey cells a good workout.Bubble Words - find the common letters to word pairsCrypto Words - decrypt words using letter substitutionCryptogram - decrypt phrases and sayings using letter substitutionDittos - find 5 words from a list of letters and a wild card letterFlip Phone - decrypt a phrase or saying by translating numbers to letters on a flip phoneInterweave - insert the letters of a small word into the blank spaces of a larger wordKeywords - find the blank letters of 7 words and rearrange them into the answerPiece By Piece - rearrange a letter jumble to form a phrase or sayingRamble Words - answer clues to 5 letter words to reveal another wordScramble - solve the anagrams to reveal the answersStar Words - pick the correct 5 words to form a star shapeTwo In - add 2 letters to join 2 wordsWord Quest - follow the directions to find words in a gridWordsearch - find words in a grid of lettersWith more than 25 puzzles packed into one book, this is the perfect companion to keep you entertained for many hours.


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