Network Programming with Go : Code Secure and Reliable Network Services from Scratch by Adam Woodbeck
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Shows readers how to leverage the Go programming language's concurrency and rich standard library to write robust network programs. Readers learn how to write secure, network software in idiomatic Go using the language's latest features. In Network Programming with Go readers learn how to leverage Go's concurrency and rich standard library to write robust network programs to create and handle network connections. Readers learn how to craft custom HTTP/2 and SSH servers, build secure network connections with HTTPS, HTTP/2, SSH, TLS, encrypted port forwarding, integrate TLS with free Let's Encrypt certificates, QUIC (HTTP/3), structured logging, and metrics. The author also connects network applications with corresponding cloud offerings such as AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud and shows how to programmatically interact with these providers using their software development kits. Difficult concepts are explained with analogies, diagrams, and examples as readers learn to solve common networking problems and write secure software. For professional developers and experienced Go programmers.


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