In Search of the Meaning of Life (An Autobiography): Book Six - The Seattle Years (Part One) Mark D. Jones Author
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I had no idea of how my life would turn out after arriving in Seattle with Bruce following our bicycle adventure in June 1977 and it turned out that life opened up for me in ways I could have never thought possible. At the same time, after the adventurous initial ten months of mine in Seattle on my own, I couldn't have foreseen the dramatic changes that would occur in my life and sweep me away in ways I couldn't even believe at the time. All of the experiences I was going through during my time in Seattle were subconsciously making me more aware of the need to discover a greater theme of meaning and purpose for my life, for I still had no idea what I was to do in life, why I was born or what my future held. There had to be something greater than an endless series of adventures, but I really didn't have a clue at all as to what it was. At the time, I couldn't see further into my future than the next moment or two, leaving me no awareness of where I was headed and going in life. I certainly didn't see the changes to my life in Seattle that were just over the horizon at this point, or the dramatic events I'd be part of in the upcoming years...


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