Coronavirus : Surviving Covid-19 and Future Pandemics: Surviving Covid-19 and Future Pandemics Frank Everett Author
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Without a doubt coronaviruses have the power to wreak havoc on societies. This fact is evident based on the impact Covid-19 has made on the world. Possibly starting in a wet market in Wuhan, China it quickly spread into a nationwide epidemic and later advanced to become a full-fledged pandemic causing death and illness across the globe. Whether it came from bats or pangolins or even a level four biological laboratory, we may never know the truth. The fact of the matter is that it is now spreading rapidly across the globe leaving some countries and their health care services inadequately equipped to handle patients suffering from Covid-19. From shutting their borders to instituting population lockdowns to massive government bailouts surrounded in controversy, this is the age of the Coronavirus. This book provides valuable information on essential topics including: • The Origin of Covid-19 • Common Symptoms of Covid-19 • Treatment Options for Covid-19 • World response to Covid-19 • Governments and Their Approach to Covid-19 • Statistical Analysis of Covid-19 • Best Practices for Prevention During Pandemics • How to Mitigate Financial Damage Caused by Pandemics • Gold, Silver and Cryptocurrencies to Survive Pandemics If you are ready to learn about Covid-19 and the nature of global pandemics and specifically how to protect yourself or even prosper in a time of global uncertainty, grab a copy and use this book to help guide you through the difficult and emotional journey of surviving the pandemic.


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