Your generation is waiting for you to manifest: Keys To Becoming Relevant In Your Generation Ebubechukwu Nzeribe Author
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A must read! This book is a must read for every aspiring youth that still believes first in himself and then his Society. No man can act above the knowledge he has acquired as the practical application of acquired knowledge is what makes us wise. It is therefore of great importance that we go for knowledge as no knowledge is a waste. This book reveals simple and practical approaches to a world of stardom especially when applied in our daily activities. Just as the writer said and I believe that the discovery of the real you remain the foundation in any attempt to make a useful and positive difference. Vision is the picture that guides mankind in this too-broad-a-road called life. The author is a young, optimistic, purpose–driven and goal oriented man. His resilience is of emulation. Keep soaring, Your Generation is waiting for you to manifest. LAURETTA OBAKPOLO. Student Union Government (SUG) President, University Of Benin, Benin city Edo State. 2016/2017 Academic Session. THE GIVER NOT THE GIFT FIRST. “Your generation is waiting for you to manifest” Since many are called but few are chosen, it is then expedient that any man who desires to be useful in the hands of the immortal God must give himself/herselfto be trained lest he/she will or may be disqualified. In this book “your generation is waiting for you to manifest”, Bro. Ebubechukwu Joshua Nzeribe painstakingly shed light on the vital keys to manifesting God’s glory in this perverse generation of our time when men tends to run after the gift rather than its giver [God]. And as such every chapter in this book is powered to spur you towards exploring the diamond in you because your God’s given potentials cannot afford to be wasted. I hereby commend the author of this book for his efforts and also recommend this book for every young person [s] as well as anyone that wants to manifest God’s glory….ENJOY. SIS. EDEBE JESSICA OTSEIZE Sister’s coordinator, Scripture Union Campus Fellowship (SUCF), University of Benin, Benin City, Edo State. 2016/2017 Academic session. YOUR GENERATION IS WAITING FOR YOU TO MANIFEST If it is reality you are searching for, if you are the type who is looking for straight-from-the-shoulder, hard - hitting facts, based squarely on the truth revealed in God's word, without much time and space reserved for unrealistic concepts floating in and out of a field of dreams, then this down-to-earth study is for you.


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