ME Underneath Addiction Wendyne Limber Author
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This workbook accompanies Imagine Recovery - a virtual 28 day process for healing and transforming addiction. Anyone who is ready to understand some of the hidden core issues and reasons a person becomes addicted will benefit from this work. Those who have lived with, loved or are presently raising children can open to a new consciousness and new perspectives concerning the core of addiction. Over time, addiction diminishes the life force from everyone involved. With this course, you'll have the opportunity to view it all from an enlightened perspective, begin to heal yourself, and make new commitments about where to go from here. Learn about: - How womb and birth experiences pattern addiction and all our life patterns. - Why early childhood trauma, feelings, and pain are the core of addiction. - Reversing enabling behaviors of making excuses, protecting, saving, controlling, and giving too much. - Healing the self will change everything. - Expression and release as a way to heal addiction. - Enlightenment and addiction - a new view.


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