A Mexican-American in Paris: Beastly Tales Romping Across Pre-Covid! The Writer's Cut! Vol. 1 Jim Marquez Author
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Jimmy The Pen (aka The Beast) Marquez is setting before you his 17th book here with LuLu. A Mexican-American in Paris: Beastly Tales Romping Across Pre-Covid Europe! The Writer's Cut! Vol. 1 is a brief tome to the place Jim loves the most on this planet: Paris! All right before the Coronavirus changed our lives forever. Six rollicking, rough & tumble pieces that begin in the City of Lights and carries on across seven Euro cities. Fall 2019-Winter 2020. From Paris we stumble through Munich, Salzburg, Vienna, Hamburg, Cologne, and Dublin. In & out of bars, 'ride shares', on foot, by train, by plane, fighting the insane cold, the dreaded morning afters, experiencing the women, the violence, union strikes, the utter madness, becoming a local yet still tripping on the tourist spots and of course dealing with the Covid. And this is just the first volume. In some cases revolting, others near deadly, comedic, drunken, sad, wistful, mournful, loud, sexy, and pensive. Think Bukowski-Fitzgerald-Miller-Thompson but, you know, this time a BROWN guy!


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