Many Infallible Proofs. A Series of Chapters on the Edidences of Christianity: Or, the Written and Living Word of God Arthur T. Pierson Author
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This is a day of doubt. Scepticism is more than ever widespread. It is in our books, in the conversation of our friends, and in the media. It is finding its way quietly into the churches of Christ. We must be on our guard. These proofs, if they are candidly examined, will cure all honest doubt. Much scepticism is born of an evil heart of unbelief, that departs from God on account of a perverse and wicked will opposed to God. Such doubts no amount of evidence will remove unless the heart is changed; such doubters would not be persuaded though one rose from the dead.But all honest doubt will yield before the proofs of a fact or a truth; and so, there is no excuse for doubting, where we have the means of knowing. It is wrong to be willingly ignorant. Whatever doubts then do not spring from a wicked heart and unwillingness to be convinced, will disappear when the proofs are seen and examined.Whenever an honest doubter comes to me, I feel perfectly safe in calmly saying, to his face, you have never studied the evidences, and it is likely never attentively examined the Bible. And that arrow never misses its mark. These are some of the principles upon which we purpose to examine, at least in outline, a few of the many infallible proofs, that the Bible is the Word of God, and that Jesus Christ is the Son of God. And, if no one shall find any new light, the serene consciousness will, at least, be ours, that we have tried to help doubting souls.


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