The Sum of All Magic - Audiobook, by Kevin McLaughlin & Michael Anderle
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After millennia of slumber, the goddess-dragon named Tiamat has returned to Earth.Her first move is to consolidate her power by taking down the Dragon Council. Her next? Well, complete world domination seems like its on the menu.Kylara barely survived her first encounter with Tiamat. Only thanks to her friends and allies did she escape at all.Shed rather do just about anything than face this foe a second time. But shes the only one whos ever stood against the goddess and lived to talk about it. Shes the only being with the raw spectrum of abilities to have a chance of doing it again.If she fails, she and her friends are doomed. Which means losing is not an option.The dragons daughter is going to war, and heaven help any gods or goddesses that get in her way!



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