Get The Hell Off Your Ass And Make It Happen!: If you don't move, It wont move. Take the first step towards SUCCESS. Get up and get to gettin. Get up
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Effectiveness is what separates busyness from business. They are different. What I have observed is that most people think that by being engaged with their thoughts, they are making changes. However, there is no other greater lie aside that. If you need to be effective, you must be doing something tangible. There are responsibilities waiting to be carried out. What you fail to do won't be done; the secret is, you need to do something. You must not be a victim of your comfort zone, fear, or procrastination. There are lots of resources for everyone out there to make us better than we are present. We only need to step up our games and become more productive at whatever it is that we do. Often, people are locked up in the cell of their irresponsibility. We have many dreamers in our world, but fewer doers. There are people with ideas; continuously, you will hear them speak about their dreams. However, they have never found the best time to do all they claim they want to do. This book is written to challenge you to become a better person by showing you the effects of being stalked in your comfort zone.


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