The Case of the Stolen Art Work Karen Stillwagon Author
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The little dog ran down the beach, chasing the gulls near the water. Bindi, come! the young woman called, stopping the little dog in her tracks before she continued to chase the gulls.Bindi!The little dog stopped again but didn't look back this time. She started barking at a log that had washed up and the high tide deposited at the base of the cliff. As the young woman reached the little dog, she asked, What has you so excited? She saw a person crumpled behind the log. She reached down, and gently placed her fingers on the neck of an old woman, feeling for a pulse. A hand grasped the young woman's wrist in a weak grip.Help me. The voice sounded like a whisper from the wind.When Lorelei Silence inherited her grandparents home in the sleepy, coastal town of Charleston, Oregon, little did she know she would be thrown into the midst of an investigation involving stolen art. Through mishaps and mistakes made along the way, Lorelei helps uncover the identities of those who were behind the home burglaries, and help catch the art thieves, while doing her best to stay alive!


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