The Whistleblower of Religion, Jesus, Apostle Paul, Trump, and the Last Days Nigel Loreihe Author
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Whether you are seeking to find God or find answers that religion has not been able to give you, this book could be the greatest investment you ever make. The Creator has allowed the author to reveal to the world how life began, what really happened in the Garden of Eden, the circumstances around the great flood involving Noah, as well as the shocking truth about Jesus, the lies of Apostle Paul, and the motivations of President Donald Trump. This book answers questions such as: • Who is Satan and was he in the Garden of Eden? • What is the tree of good and evil? • Who were Adam and Eve? • Why should we care about Cain, Abel, and other figures from the Bible? You can search YouTube, Facebook, and every social media platform, but you will find the truths revealed in this book, truths that the author has learned from The Creator’s mouth.


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