Financial Planning Revolutionized: Money Doesn't Exist Until You Spend It James LaHam CPA & Consultant Author
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This is a revolutionary and rogue guide to financial and retirement planning. It is an invaluable financial guide giving you insights and planning tips that you have not likely seen before. These include proven simple investing strategies, and chapters on why you should pay off your mortgage early and take social security as soon as you possibly can. You will also find the best values in colleges that include elite universities you thought were out of reach. We also show you the best tax favored ways to fund for college. There are also one of a kind chapters on why you should move, what insurance to buy, leaving a legacy and a road map to saving for retirement without giving up your current lifestyle. Many other little gems like saving thousands without giving up anything. This is a serious but fun read that will blow you away and might just change your life.


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