The View From Four Maples Jessie Salisbury Author
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Four Maples, a grand Victorian summer home in New Hampshire’s White Mountains, has been badly damaged by a large tree felled in a winter storm. The elderly owner can not oversee the repairs and has requested her grand-niece, Nonie, to do determine if the house can be repaired.Nonie has long loved the house. In the course of the repairs she encounters a hostile building inspector, an eager real estate agent, and the representative of a Boston development firm that wants to turn the estate turned into high-end condos. An artist, a producer of landscapes and especially studies of old trees, Nonie loses her job when her employer’s company is sold. She moves into Four Maples to develop her talent and find a gallery where she can display her work. Nonie also meets Corey, the handsome, charming chef at the Village Diner, who also loves Four Maples. He has long seen it as a fulfillment of his own dream: making it into a bed-and-breakfast. Corey’s attentions are flattering and his ideas are appealing as a way to save the family estate. Nonie gradually falls in love with him and his marvelous cooking, but is Corey’s interest really in Nonie, or is it just a way to get to Four Maples for himself?It requires an injury to her aunt to find the answers.


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