Understanding Your Depression Ray J. Dodkins Author
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I am 73 years old. Like most who have lived this long, I have been confronted with events that have been both mentally disturbing and physically challenging. In my case, the breaking of all the spurs at the base of my spine caused an instant change in my mobility and lifestyle, altering my awareness of how quickly your comfort zone can change. Lucky for me, my support base was efficient and my attitude was a sense of control. Later in life, my commitments both physically and financially increased. With my partner gone and my home mortgage level a financial burden even when I was employed, I was made redundant. How could I possibly cope with a mortgage of $2,500 a month? Like all triggers in life, each affects a person differently. In my case, I suffered absolute depression. After some life-threatening incidents, I spent two years on government-paid counseling, and although extremely helpful in moving ahead in life, it offered no answers to why I despised my actions, what I was doing, and why. After some inner thinking, I finally developed an understanding of why I went into denial mood and became my own worst enemy. It was then I wrote my first book Acceptance, Recognition, and Control (A.R.C.) Against Depression. After dealing with several other serious health problems, my self-understanding reached new levels. This second book will assist both men and women in dealing with the events we encounter in our quest for self-confidence. Understanding Your Depression also teaches about control and understanding the events around us. Ray J. Dodkins grew up in Melbourne, Australia, lived in Sydney, and now resides in Tasmania. He loves to write, sketch and race pigeons. Publisher's website: http://sbpra.com/RayJDodkins


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