Rest in Peace : A Planning Guide for the Inevitable by Charles, White, Tommye Walts
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As human beings, we are not immortal. Life comes with an expiration date and sooner or later we are all going to pass away, often without warning or time to prepare. To help prepare for the end of life, Rest in Peace is a pre-death planning guide; whether it be for your own demise or the death of someone whose end-of-life affairs you may need to attend to. Rest in Peace is a book everyone must have. It contains guidance and tools: For those who want (or need) to put their affairs in order before they die And for those who will need essential information in order to effectively deal with the consequences of a death in the family. One of the most important items in this planning guide is a comprehensive worksheet for collecting vital, personal information that will greatly benefit your survivors. Rest in Peace contains templates of important documents that can serve as valuable tools to help you put your affairs in order before it's too late. These include: A Will Durable and Medical Powers of Attorney An Advance Directive And an Out-of-Hospital Do-Not-Resuscitate Order, all designed for easy understanding and completion. All templates are available on the web at By heeding the guidance and directions that Rest in Peace contains, you can help guarantee that your survivors are taken care of, know your wishes, and know what to do when you die. By putting your personal affairs in order and providing your survivors with essential information--including your wishes concerning the disposition of your possessions and your desires regarding the handling of your remains--you can greatly lessen the burden on those you leave behind.


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