Miracles and the Supernatural Throughout Church History Study Guide - by Rick Renner & Tony Cooke (Paperback)
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Book Synopsis The Age of Miracles Has Not Ceased - It Never Has! Were you told that the age of miracles ceased with the death of the apostles - or that the gifts of the Spirit and the miraculous have passed away? If you have been taught this, here is a series that will set you free! In this powerful five-part series taught by Rick Renner and Tony Cooke, the subject of miracles throughout Church history is expounded upon powerfully. You might be shocked to hear that miracles have never, EVER passed away - not even temporarily. The history of the Church is jam-packed with the miraculous work of God throughout the ages. This series, based on Scripture and well-documented history, will prove it to you. You'll learn: That miracles have never ceased. That God has consistently performed miracles throughout the ages. That the notion that miracles have passed away is pure nonsense. That history irrefutably proves that God is still in the miracle business. That the Holy Spirit wants to release miraculous power in your life.



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