AWS: The Ultimate Step-by-Step Guide From Beginners to Advanced for Amazon Web Services Jim Cloud Author
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Discover the infinite world of Amazon Web Services (AWS) and become a master of cloud computing!Amazon Web Services is the world's most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platform. That is why millions of people, developing startups, corporations, and even government agencies use 175 features on an everyday basis. If AWS sounds like a must-have tool, you are right, but how about learning how to use this universal platform? Don't worry, we have figured it out for you with AWS: The Ultimate Step-by-Step Guide from Beginners to Advanced for Amazon Web Services. This comprehensive volume can teach you everything from the basis of AWS to more advanced functions, so you can ace this cloud platform and get the security and innovation you deserve. Written by top experts in cloud computing and AWS, this easy-to-follow guide is great for getting a grasp at what Amazon Web Services can do for you, as well as how to master this new and improved cloud platform.What can you learn with this AWS handbook?You will start your journey by understanding what AWS and what it can really do for you and your business. Afterward, you will get a short and comprehensive background of how this cloud platform was born and its history. Learning the first steps of AWS is going to be simple once you have a view of what cloud computing is and what are the main benefits of AWS. Now that you have acquired the basic knowledge, you can move on to the more advanced steps: learning about service development for website owners, AWS storage devices, big data and notification services, security, database, and cost management. With this book, you can:Improve your knowledge about cloud systems and data analysisGet a handle on the basic concepts of AWSMake it easier to work with the 175 features of the AWS platformLearn about the myths surrounding AWS that you should stop and get the real facts insteadUnderstand why knowing about cloud computing is a real asset for you and your companyLearn how AWS was born and developed by the experts behind it Discover some of the weaknesses of the system and how to make them work in your advantageUnderstand why the feature of cloud computing for the big players lies in Amazon Elastic Compute Clouding Learn the role of AWS in advanced systems and innovative ideas such as big data, machine learning, and AIBecome a better professional that can help you advance in your career or grow your businessEnjoy a secured database system that will never fail you or your companyLearn how to use platform available in almost any region of the world, with no compromises on locationExperience innovative ideas and become a highly skilled professional!And much, much, more!Still having doubts?Don't worry, this book is easy to follow and will thoroughly explain every concept in a simple way that is easy to understand by everyone.Don't hesitate and start your AWS learning journey NOW!Click Buy Now With 1-Click or Buy Now to get started


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