My Life: The Path I Took Yolanda Vitulli Author
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The life events recorded in this book are my personal experiences that I went through over the course of my life. I strongly believe that every experience has a capacity to teach you, mold you, influence you, or change your life for good. Some events in your life are too painful, chaotic, or downright distressing at the time, but later on, serve as the most powerful lessons that you can't help but share with others. I started writing this book with the aim of guiding (And inspiring) others through my real-life experiences. As is, life doesn't go in a straight line. There are highs and lows that you have to learn from. Everything you go through grows you. And my life is a testament to that. My journey was marked by losses and gains. I plugged away to start my own non-profit organization, and eventually I did. Everything was going smoothly until, bit by bit, it all started to crumble away. There was no going back. I had to build patience and perseverance in the face of a stormy future. Just when it felt like it would never stop pouring, I saw heavy clouds drifting away, and the golden ray of the sun on the horizon. Thanks to my mentor (and a few other caring and helpful souls in my life), I overcame hard-fought battles, and never had to look back. I moved forward with grace and vigor, not just as a strong, wise woman, but also as a loving wife, a nurturing mother, and most importantly, as a changed individual!


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