The Best of Our Spies - (Spy Masters) by Alex Gerlis (Paperback)
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Book Synopsis During World War II, amid the chaos and danger of the Allied liberation of Europe, Royal Navy Intelligence officer Owen Quinn sets off on a perilous mission to find his wife and discover what her role in the war...and in his life...really was. During World War II, in the Pas de Calais, Nathalie Mercier, a young British Special Operations Executive secret agent working with the French Resistance, disappears. In London, her husband Owen Quinn, an officer with Royal Navy Intelligence, discovers the truth about her role in the Allies' sophisticated deception at the heart of D-Day. Appalled but determined, Quinn sets off on a hunt through France in search of his wife. But caught up by the bitterness of the war and its insatiable appetite for revenge, he risks total destruction. A thrilling tale of international intrigue, love, deception, and espionage, perfect for fans of Alan Furst and Ken Follett.



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