Steve Jobs: How To Make Faster Decisions - Discover The Skills He Used To Achieve This On A Daily Basis (Abridged) - Audiobook, by Skillbooks
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STEVE JOBS: HOW TO MAKE FASTER DECISIONSDISCOVER THE SKILLS HE USED TO ACHIEVE THIS ON A DAILY BASIS-ABOUT THIS BOOKWhy do experts seem to have more intuitive skills than the rest of us? Why can the most famous investors make decisions about a financial transaction so quickly? Why can experienced doctors often arrive at an accurate diagnosis in seconds? Why can great business leaders resolve conflicts in their work teams in record time?Is there something that all these experts are doing that the rest of us are not?It is thought that the greatest experts have developed excellent and refined intuition about their specific sector, which allows them to have confidence in themselves. However, few are aware that their skills have nothing to do with intuition.The prowess of experts is due not only to the fact that they have been accumulating a great deal of knowledge in their respective professions, but also that they are very adept at remembering everything they have learned.In reality, the confidence to make quick and accurate decisions must come from our innate ability to see patterns and make connections; every human brain is equipped to do so.-CONTENTIntroductionDoes Intuition Exist?What Distinguishes Experts?How Does Chunking Work?Why Relate New Knowledge To Our Previous Experiences?What Strategies To Use To Reinforce Associative Learning?Does Teaching Help You Learn And Remember?How To Teach Others To Memorize Better?Is Self-Assessment Necessary?How To Self-Assess?



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