Montessori Toddler Activities - Audiobook, by Miley Bolton
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If you want to raise a happy and smart child, simply follow this method!Are you running out of fun activities for your toddler? Are you trying to find the ideal blend of love and discipline? Are you looking for time-proven, realistic parenting advice?Its time to try the Montessori method!Maria Montessori created her famous method several decades ago, but its still as fresh as ever. It offers a perfect blend of love, respect, responsibility, and healthy boundaries - exactly what every child needs, most of all.The Montessori method is a comprehensive parenting and education program for children up to age 18.Here are some key benefits of the method:It emphasizes the childs needsIt encourages autonomy and self-disciplineIt focuses on creative expressionIt helps children master practical skills like tidying upA self-disciplined toddler who actually tidies up after playing may sound like a dream to you. However, this can be a reality with the Montessori method. This audiobook provides over 60 Montessori activities to do with your toddler.This audiobook will help you:Understand the Montessori method and its benefitsCreate a perfect learning environment for your childStimulate your childs language development with fun activitiesBoost your toddlers math and science skillsCreate an atmosphere of love and respectNever get bored when playing with your toddlerSurvive the challenges of parenting without burning outThe Montessori method is a fun and inexpensive way to stimulate your childs development, while making sure that they get all the love and respect they deserve. Following this method will also reduce your stress levels and give you more energy to bond with your family.



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