Criminal Intentions: Season One, Episode One - Audiobook, by Cole McCade
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When a string of young queer men turn up dead in grisly murders, all signs point to the ex-boyfriendbut what should be an open-and-shut case is fraught with tension when BPD homicide detective Malcolm Khalaji joins up with a partner he never wanted. Rigid, ice-cold, and a stickler for the rules, Seong-Jae Yoon is a watchful presence whose obstinacy and unpredictability constantly remind Malcolm why he prefers to work alone. Seong-Jae may be stunningly attractive, a man who moves like a graceful, lethal bird of prey but hes as impossible to decipher as this case.And if Malcolm doesnt find the key to unravel both in time, another vulnerable young victim may end up dead.Contains mature themes.



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