Jumping the Fence: The Casuals Series Book 1 John P. Roberts Author
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It’s supposed to be a simple peek-a-boo mission not far from St. Petersburg, Russia, to check out some specially built garages that block satellite signals. They plan to send casuals from the Tenth Special Forces to go over the fence and take a look. The mission starts off well with Captain Dennison at the helm and privates Eden and Nichols at his command. Then, in Sweden, the captain is sent home, leaving Eden and Nichols on their own to continue the mission. They’re ambushed at a safe house before leaving for Helsinki, and it’s beginning to look like these men might need rescuing. The casuals persist, making contact with an anti-Russian organization. Meanwhile, the Americans want their men back, but what of the garages outside St. Petersburg? Eden and Nichols might be in over their heads, as it soon appears a double agent has been working behind the scenes and could risk both the mission and their lives.


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