Almost: As I Remember It Terry Gill Author
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In 1964, nearly every male between ages of ten and fifteen wanted to be, or was, in a band of some sort. When his friend, Sam, approached him one day about forming their own pop group, Terry Gill decided that, even though he couldn't play an instrument, he had nothing better to do and agreed to participate. Brought together by their common dream of wanting to be rich and famous, Terry shares an entertaining chronicle of their journey to bring their vision to fruition. The young men, undeterred by their lack of instruments or experience, were determined to be different than other bands by writing their own songs. After securing a singer who later proved he could not sing at all, Terry details how the band began their foray into the competitive and often challenging world of musical performance where nothing was certain but their desire to be memorable. Almost is the true story of a group of young men who formed a pop band in the sixties with the goal of becoming rich and famous.


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