Mordecai & Joseph: Heuristic Hierarchy Urban Version Sonya Samuels Author
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Once I let go of the idea of being in love and receiving the open arms of my first love, my Redeemer Christ, it was then that I was able to see what had not only been happening to me, but what was going on all around me in my world of Christendom. This world is also a jungle within itself. Only, those who persevere and endure will survive this race. It’s not because you are swift and your ability to flexion, as long as you’re able to outlast the treachery, sinister plots and politics in the world of what we call church, you can have what you’re purposed to bring forth in this world called life, as you’re living among those who proclaim godliness. No there is none righteous no not one, so keep your eyes on the one who awakens you each day. Glean and grasp the good of the grapes from the vine when it’s being poured, chew what is for you as you savor the meat then spit out the bones, drink from your own cup, which is to work out your own soul salvation from the Source of Life, “as it is written,” the Lord’s will be done as it unfolds receive.


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