Elite Starfighter: Game 3 - Audiobook, by Grace Goodwin


Two friends have disappeared playing Starfighter Training Academy. No one cares because its just a game. Right?I know something is wrong. Messed up. Completely off. And no one is paying attention.My BFFs went missing after beating the hottest new multiplayer game on the planet, Starfighter Training Academy. They won. They celebrated. They vanished. So whats the girl left behind supposed to do?Beat the damn game, thats what. Find out the truth, even if that includes being recruited to fight in an alien war, lusting after the hottest alien Ive ever seen, and marching into a battle theres little chance of winning.I will find my friends. I will learn what the heck is going on. And I will kiss the alien hunk Ive been staring at for weeks.Watch me.



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