This Is Your Motivating Moment - Audiobook, by Pat McLean (Foreword) & Otishia Emmens
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LIFE IS SHORT. READY TO MAKE A MOVE?What is your purpose? Your passion? Your destiny? Have you known for some time what you are meant to do for a career, but you just arent sure how to transfer it to real life? Are you still searching for that path you can call your very own?Some people spend lifetimes striving to reach their goals and dreams, which they believe will one day make them happy. Yet many find themselves addicted to the pursuit of their vision, and the fantasy of what may come, instead of actually enjoying being happy. When the understanding sinks in that your happiness is not based upon anything or anyone in the outer world, you start the journey toward being truly liberated.This Is Your Motivating Moment is the story of such a journey. This book causes you to think, to smile and nod your head; yet it also faces and confronts some serious issues. Its a heaping helping of love, of sharing and caring by a woman who has experienced some of lifes heartaches and rewards.You are invited to curl up in your favorite chair and get in touch with this authors journey, as she gets in touch with you. Each turn of the page is a wonderful step in the direction of finding your true self, and with every second you will discover that This Is Your Motivating Moment.



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