Daughter of Darkness - Audiobook, by S. C. Mitchell
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Powerful mythic gods wage war for the future of our world in Book 2 in the Heavenly War series.Can darkness and light ally to save Asgaard?Hidden away amidst the devastation of a dead heaven while working to aid the besieged mortals of Midgaard, Nott has found peace. The night is her realm, and darkness her best friend. But the war finds her, and her grandfather, Loki, wants her at his side in his bid to conquer Asgaard.Visions of the Night goddess have haunted Tyrs dreams for a millennium. Now, circumstances offer him an opportunity to reconnect with the woman whod walked away from Asgardthe woman whod eluded him for a thousand years. But Notts dark family ties threaten to put the goddess on the other side in a conflict thats blazing across the heavens.



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