The Masked Church: You Can Avoid Temptation! Come Embrace the Spirit of the Resurrected Christ to Discern Presence, Stir Christ in You, and Develop Je
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Much of today's Church is masked, in fear that something is out there lurking, while oblivious of their identity and delegated authority, and blatant denial or prideful dismissal of hypocritically masked carnal appetites Holy Spirit seeks permission to help crucify.As we yield daily in true repentance, masks are lifted to reveal eye-opening Truth. Through constant communion in Abiding Presence we relinquish the right to prodigally do as we please, and grant Him permission to help crucify appetites that've stamped a visible watermark. Otherwise, the realm of darkness appeals to appetites and inclinations, entices WHEN moments, and tempts us to trespass the line of demarcation into sin.As we welcome Presence to rest upon, to stir Presence within, carnal appetites lose their appeal as Christ is progressively formed in us and we embrace Jesus' co-missioned compelling Christ Mandate to present a Kingdom response to all matters, and carry, discern, release and convey Presence in our homes, workplace and marketplace.Jesus was only tested in all matters as we, in thought, yet the Masked Church has traditionally considered everything temptation based on our inclination to sin. Jesus had no such inclination because of kratos strength He'd developed to initially resist temptation with the Word, then totally avoid temptation with an Empowered Immunity upon presentation as Christ.Where there's no appetite and subsequently no inclination, there's no temptation, only tests! Through watching and praying in Abiding Presence, kratos progressively develops Jesus' Resurrection Immunity to carnal appetites and temptation.Come join the lifelong journey to live in constant communion with Holy Spirit and put your soul and flesh in subjection to your spirit. Just as Jesus didn't select a single disciple from among the religiously masked of His day, neither will He return for a hypocritically Masked Church in the Rapture.


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