Confronting the Enemy: The Final Chapter Series Joe McNeil Author
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Once again Michael Sloan is called back into action with his partner Mark Dillingham, this time it is to assist a young agent, Cheri Ferguson complete her mission and prevent her from being killed. After being attacked at Mike’s cabin, our trio barely escaped with their lives. Intent on completing Cheri’s original mission the team planned their attack… I did as I was told; when the car came up the lane I placed a round into the driver and watched for anyone to attempt to escape from the vehicle. Mark approached the vehicle with a pistol in both hands and despite all the bullets that were being fired in his direction he systematically eliminated everyone else inside the car. He looked like John Wayne in one of his war movies, being hailed by bullets and not flinching. When the mission was over I asked, “Are you crazy, weren’t you afraid that one of those thousands of bullets were going to hit you?”


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