Temptation and Tribulation: The Reality of the World We Live In Keith A Buchanan Author
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For within these pages, one will learn of the many different trials and tribulations that humanity will encounter. For such information is conveyed in a manner of situations that can and may affect one’s life. It is important for the reader to gain knowledge, learning of its message and bringing one to God’s Word and His free gift of Salvation. For this book speaks not of all situations, but those that are most evident. For we live in a world that has fallen to sin. For the darkness prevails all around us, but only for a season under restraints. For it is the grace and mercy of the Lord allowing not the Holy Spirit to be removed from the earth, allowing not the forces of darkness to annihilate all of God’s children and creation. For the hour is now upon all humanity, in such a time as to when the Holy Spirit will be removed from this world, allowing darkness to prevail with great force and enmity, persecuting all whom are in Christ and recruit those whom have rejected His precious gift of salvation. For such a time as this, darkness is becoming more aggressive, visual and audio with ferocious attacks against all humanity. For the time of the anti-christ is at hand, for Satan and his fallen angels await not; for the Lord will allow these darken entities to prevail upon all humanity. For many days have already come to pass, as is the remaining. But now is the time of repentance, for the one world government system will bring many inhabitants upon the earth within its control. For the marking of the beast is already upon us, for time is waning, and many will be given over to the beast by their own decision. But those whom reject this world system, given themselves to the Lord and refusing the mark of the beast, will be hunted and persecuted. For the technology has already been set into motion, and the seat of the anti-christ is awaiting. As the darkness becomes more and more aggressive, judgment is coming upon the earth in a most rapid manner, for those whom heed not to God’s warnings, will experience an event that the world has never seen the likes of, nor will it again. For the hour is at hand, repent, accept Jesus Christ as your personal Savior and become a child of God. For the hour waits no more! Which side will YOU choose? ETERNAL LIFE or ETERNAL DEATH


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