A Spoken Truth from Southeast Asia to United States of America: Advocacies in Hand No to Landfill an Outcry That Took Me Home Nida Goudeaux Author
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When you are true to yourself, everything in life comes in smooth transition and things you want to achieve becomes valuable in your understanding and realization of what you want to have-- what you truly believe in would in is meaningful and when your dreams becomes fulfilled –there is that great excitement where there is cheerful repose that invites a restful state of the mind and soul. Such is a demeanor or a conduct of a life situation, the author believes in. A good advocate of having people around her to achieve their goals and she is head-strong supporter or an encouragement of a real push over to her friends or any in her personal or business circles to get through the next step of many process of changes with positive thoughts of encouragement when life presents especially with new directions so to speak. When you begin to learn what life means to you----the author though there are no guarantees in life as she projects by her open mind, a refreshingly life’s path discovery brings out the clever discretion and becomes perfectly embroidered in a life of wonderful adventures and engagements to further pursue exciting voyage of many discoveries and she shares that thoughts of life in an advocating position for challenges of life are just part and parcel of a rising world. Her love for interior design culminates a collaboration of the very essence of her exposure in real estate business as being a realtor herself with immense experiences and lodging as one of the top producers in Southern California during her affiliation with Century 21 All Moves especially during the peak of a market boom in the early part of 2004 until first quarter of 2007. From then on, she has started venturing into her own portfolio of success as a real estate investor but has come to a point too of dislodging her chain of self-command to take things easy because the not-anticipated economic recession put everyone’s profile of actions at risk especially those in the related scope of industry she revolved in—mortgage business was dramatically affected as well. Though she has not anticipated the unpredictable economic recession, the author has pre-programmed alternative action or fallback strategies as an added revenue and has significantly went further another step vesting to a different level of the business world in a small scale of conceptualizing and establishing one noble task which is to provide utmost care and supervision to elderly defined as too intensive and time-consuming and it is not a business for everybody, yet she put herself to try again a business like this at her own will of a more positive attitude. She dedicated her time and efforts to the maximum strength of the requirements involved but has gone far and beyond the scope of work for it is a mission with incomparable degree of patience, understanding, compassion, and tolerance to handle the many complexities and strict compliance from several government agencies involved. To operate a residential care facility for elderly is a big responsibility and a big challenge---at the end of the day, it is very humbling and a very noble experience to be an owner overlooking the operation and being hands on and so dedicated 24/7 is a no joke face of a steadfast faith and service.—so dedicated to a point of ignoring her own self and socialization on her outside world became completely out of the picture. The author has a great passion in cooking.---the art of cooking and table setting proliferates an enhancing creativity and has energized her lifestyle to explore more the foodie culture and extract many appetizing delights to operate through many learnings and curiosity to share and be a part of the “welcoming fortune of incredible recipe cooking showcase in her own chosen audience and discretion. The facility becomes her experimental of noble fulfillment. There goes the author with her significant and powerful grace of different sort of passions and enterprising abilities. Real estate engagements and book writing are her mostly loved features---interior design and cooking her second best.


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