S.T.R.I.V.E A Formula for Grit, Persistence, & Determination (When it Matters the Most) Danny Doucette Author
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The Greatest Glory In Living Lies Not In Never Falling, But In Rising Every Time We Fall. - Nelson MandelaAre you feeling drained and deflated? Are you ready to crumble under pressure and give up? Are you looking for a way to get back on your feet and face life's obstacles with renewed confidence? The Solution To Your Problem Is Simple; The Answer Lies Within You And It's Spelled G-R-I-T!What is grit? Grit is courage. Grit is determination. Grit is your unbreakable spirit bouncing back after every fall. So why do you feel like giving up hope? In order to ignite that inner fire, you need to develop your determination and perseverance chops. Being mentally strong is a habit. Nobody is born with the grit gene. It takes years of obstacles, hardship, and willpower to develop true grit. So The Questions Is, How Can You Become Mentally Tougher? This is where Danny Doucette comes in. The best-selling author of True Stories of Resiliency has created a comprehensive book about grit that will empower you to start embracing a different mindset and building your mental muscles. Why Does Grit Matter? You probably know people who have had a happy, balanced, and blessed life. Until they had to face an insurmountable obstacle that broke them. That could be a divorce, an illness, bankruptcy, or just a long-anticipated promotion that never came. It Can Happen To Everyone – That's Why You Need To Start Bolstering Your Mental Defenses!By the end of this eye-opening grit and determination perseverance book, you will be able to:Gain An In-Depth Understanding Of Why Grit Matters & The Different Types Of GritReinvent Yourself & Learn How To Overcome Life's Obstacles Without Giving UpIdentify Your Character's Strengths & Weaknesses & Work On Your Grit ChopsTransform Your Mindset & Help Your Children Develop GritWhat Are You Waiting For? There are two types of people in the world. Those who see a wall and crush into it and those who learn how to break through it and pursue their dreams. Which Type Are You? Click Buy Now & Learn How To Break Through Your Obstacles Like A Wrecking Ball! 


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