Ethiopia Biblical Cush Workbook Marcella Denise Spencer Author
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This workbook includes Ethiopia: biblical Cush, Egypt: biblical Mizraim, and Palestine: biblical Canaan. Also, there is a question section and an answer key based on all three essays.Ethiopia: biblical Cush - The ancient Sudan can trace its cultural history to its biblical founder, Cush. It is no surprise, then, that the early Cushites had contact with the ancient Hebrews and are therefore mentioned in the Bible. In this 3,000-word essay, the author highlights these interactions, taking a succinct look at Cushite biblical history.Egypt: biblical Mizraim - At the movies, we have seen mummies come to life; Egypt devastated by the ten plagues, and pharaoh, king of Egypt chasing the fleeing Hebrew slaves into the Red Sea. Hollywood has influenced modern perception of ancient Egypt. The Bible notes other episodes in ancient Egypt; owing to its interaction with the Hebrews. In this essay, the author highlights these events, taking a succinct look at Egypt's biblical history.Palestine: biblical Canaan - Before the land became holy ground, the country now known as Palestine was called Canaan. Canaan's history has been a turbulent one, even to this day. Modern Palestine, Israel, was originally settled by Hamitic tribes, Canaanites in the north and Philistines in the south. In this 3,000-word essay, the author takes a succinct look at Canaan's biblical history.


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