The SnowRaven Chronicles The Treasure of Okra-Bane: Graphic Novel Adaptation: Part Three: The Eye of Okthora: Aj Spencer Author
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You've Read The Novellas-Listened To The Fantastic Narration of Matt Franklin on The Audio Books-Now Experience The SnowRaven's Swashbuckling Adventures Like Never Before With This Lavishly Illustrated Graphic Novel Adaptation!PART THREE - THE EYE OF OKTHORAThe Mysterious Circle of Stones Hold Many, Deadly Secrets To Ensnare Treasure Seekers. The Most Terrifying....The Ancient Creature That Sleeps Deep Within The Mountains. A Pagan God To The Ancients, Mere Myth & Legend To This Enlighten Age.....A Force To Be Feared By All Who Dare To Steal Its Most Coveted Treasure....


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