Out of Darkness - by Hannah Battiste (Paperback)
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Book Synopsis For about one second I lost my way, but I found the light Out of darkness Hannah Battiste explains her life and mental illness like being in the bottom of a lighthouse and trying to navigate her way up to the light, only to fall back down repeatedly. Yet as Hannah would ultimately discover, all she had to do was find the light that had always been her. In a debut volume of poems, Hannah shares poignant reflections from her personal growth journey through trauma and beyond that she hopes will encourage others navigating through tragedy to take a good look at themselves to see the bravery, strength, resilience, faith, and love that resides within. In verse divided into three sections, she explores her traumatic childhood experiences, those who inspired her and helped shape her self-image, and her subsequent determination to find her true self and realize healing. Included are helpful writing and drawing prompts for others to use while on their own journeys to personal growth and healing. Out of Darkness shares poems that lyrically detail a young woman's experiences as she became empowered to take her life back after suffering abuse and trauma.



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