Fighting for Joy in the In-Between - by Peyton Hoffman (Paperback)
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"Book Synopsis Fighting for Joy is a collection of devotionals and journal entries compiled during Peyton's own in-between spiritual seasons. The ""in-between"" is a place of transition and transformation. It might feel stagnant, but this is where it's vital to dig deeper, believe longer, and move in faith. The in-between sets you free to move forward into a beautiful, flourishing life. This is the refinement and preparation that stretches your faith far beyond what you think is possible. You're asked to lay everything at the foot of the Cross, then build some things up, war well, walk in peace, and praise before the breakthrough. This process grows your patience, persistence, and perseverance. This is for the woman who knows she's been living less than she was created for. This is for the woman who knows she must fight for her future but isn't sure how to do so. This is for the woman who's ready to experience God in new ways. This is for the woman who is ready to start believing that there's ""more."" And . . . if you are reading this, beautiful one, this is for you. Peyton desires others to experience the breakthroughs, healing, and miracles she herself has known through the redemptive love of Christ. It's time to see women around the world stepping forward in freedom towards all the Lord has purposed for them. Themes of surrender, encouragement, belief, hope, and joy surround a focus on letting the Lord establish women in their true inheritance by healing their hearts."



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