Death before Its Time K.L. Dempsey Author
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Death before Its Time by K. L. Dempsey creates an extraordinary portrait of a woman caught in a labyrinth of revenge and evil by a man of God who is determined to destroy her and her family. Kate Heller Patterson, America's most trusted female investigator, first introduced in the novels The Unholy Vengeance and The Vanishing Pharmacist, now finds herself and her family being hunted by the same pastor she once successfully put in prison. Suddenly released by the state's governor for good behavior, Pastor Paul Bergman once again begins to terrorize an unsuspecting congregation while Kate struggles to regain control of her life, which is now faced with its own personal tragedy. The novel is a stunning psychological thriller filled with living, breathing characters that move the reader through each page with pedal-to-the-metal speed. From its cliff-hanging suspense and moments of wanted and unwanted romance, the novel has you breathlessly turning the pages to find the next twist. This is one of those rare thrillers that is entertaining with new creative suspense from a writer not afraid to break a heart to find awaiting new love.


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