Dexter Fittin In: Stepping Through Life One Paw at a Time Michele Webb Author
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Dexter is a story about a rescued puppy that is brought into a new family and is trying to find his place and space. Dexter works hard to please his new brother, Reilly, and emulate him as much as possible, sometimes successfully, others not so. This story is meant to be a guide to all those children, adolescents (preteens/teens), and even young adults finding themselves in new situations and having to figure out how to fit and blend in. By viewing these situations through the eyes of a puppy, it may take away some of the fear, preconceived thoughts, and roadblocks that often delay or inhibit embracing new situations. I hope you enjoy reading Dexter’s story as much as I have had writing it.Please stand by for more to come from Dexter, Reilly, and the gang.


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