Control of the Common Cold Through Attitude Adjustments - Audiobook, by Winston D. Cunningham
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Pay attention to your thoughts so you can catch yourself in the act of being compulsive and choose to be decisive, leaving doubts behind as you proceed toward your goals. Your brain will receive your positive direction and will direct the rest of the body to follow your clear directions, including the immune system, which will do its job in the manner that you are doingyours!Undirected energy causes chaos, or dis-ease. Thoughts are energy and once set into motion, will be expressed with or without your awareness or co-operation.This 15 minute presentation gives the steps for correcting or preventing a cold. You will gain understanding and efficiency with the practice of using this procedure. The proof will come through your experience of following the steps outlined here.This instruction comes from 33 years of experience using this procedure. Theres also a book in progress: A Matter of Choice; the Common Cold. For supporting lectures or seminars, email to:



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