Mindfulness Meditation - Audiobook, by Theo Kaibot
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Mindfulness Meditation: The Ultimate Guide to Meditation Practices for Beginners, Learn Efficient and Effective Meditation Techniques for People on the Go The number of people turning to meditation is skyrocketing. Many are now discovering the benefits of meditation like reducing stress and developing our concentration. Many people also use the practice to develop other beneficial habits and feelings like self-discipline, positive mood and outlook, healthy sleep patterns and even increased pain tolerance. Statistics show that 200-500 million people practice meditation and the number of people practicing has tripled since 2012. And based on research conducted in 2017, meditation is the second most popular Mind and Body practice in the US, next to Yoga. Given how busy most people are, it can be challenging to find the time to practice meditation even if we want to. We all know that time is a luxury for most of us. Most people feel there are not enough hours on the day to accomplish everything they need to do. This is actually one of the reasons why most people are stressed out, frustrated and cant find inner calm. This is the reason why meditation and mindfulness are gaining popularity nowadays. Most people want a quick and mental hack that can recharge their mental, emotional and physical batteries without taking too much time and effort. Thats why this audiobook will focus more on effective meditation techniques for people on the go. In this audiobook, you will learn: What, How and Why Meditation Preparing to Meditate Simple Meditation Techniques How to Observe Your Breathing Quick Transcendental Meditation It will teach you the benefits of meditation, how it works, how to find time to practice it as well as three quick and easy techniques that can help you get your personal meditation practice off to a great start.



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