1,000 + Numbricks puzzles extreme levels: Formats 4x4 + 5x5 + 6x6 + 7x7 + 8x8 + 9x9 + 10x10 + 11x11 + 12x12 Basford Holmes Author
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Positive puzzles. Suitable for adults and children.6 puzzles per page. 100 puzzles 4x4 extreme levels. 100 puzzles 5x5 extreme levels. 100 puzzles 6x6 extreme levels. 100 puzzles 7x7 extreme levels. 100 puzzles 8x8 extreme levels. 100 puzzles 9x9 extreme levels. 100 puzzles 10x10 extreme levels. 100 puzzles 11x11 extreme levels. 202 puzzles 12x12 extreme levels. Thick paper. Glossy cover. Numbricks puzzle may be called or searched with the following phrases or names: brain games for adults, hard puzzles to solve, numrich stock, daily logic puzzle, brain puzzles, numerical, brain teaser puzzles for adults, mind puzzles for adults, brain puzzles for adults, hard to solve puzzles, numerichs, puzzles hard to solve, numerch, nucanoe, hidato puzzle, nursery, hidato solver, sudoku, nuance, hidato book, hidato, numbers, hidato puzzle books, numrich, nurture, numero, numeral, hidato puzzle solver, nutmeat, hidato answers, daily hidato, legends of yore, play hidato, hidato rules, hidato game, nubrain, hanayama, beehive hidato, hidoku puzzles, hidato challenge answers, how to play hidato, happy creatures, hidoku solver, hidato challenge. I hope you enjoy these puzzles. Best regards, Basford Holmes


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