77 Reasons To Fall In Love With You: Happy Valentine's Day,Traveling Through Time Together, Back To The Past,And Through The Future Grace Moore Author
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This book 77 Reasons To Fall In Love With You is a simple commemorative gift for your lover, to record the little bits of him (or her), and freeze sweet memories with words and pictures.This book is specially designed to post photos on the page, to keep you and him (or her) beautiful memories.Special pages have also been designed to allow you or him (or her) to be creative, draw or write about your happiness or thank each other.And this is also a simple diary, every day you and him (or her) can write down the appreciation of each other's advantages, and record the beautiful things that happen today.And you and him (or her) can think in detail about 77 reasons why you appreciate him (or her).After a few years, this 77 Reasons To Fall In Love With You will be evidence of yours beautiful past.It is also recommended that you can exchange diaries regularly every few days so that you know what your lover has in mind.Give your lover this gift!Remember your encounters and acquaintances and cherish every day and every moment you spend with him (or her).Perhaps in the future, this book 77 Reasons To Fall In Love With You will become your most precious treasure.Who knows?


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