what Is Wrong With Your Tummy Mommy?: A funny and colourful children book With additional information and questions and answers to help with education
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Annie becomes extremely concern about her mother's tummy, was see puzzled or she knew more than she appears to have known. Was her mother's tummy housing one treasure or more than one?This is a suitable book for a wide range of readers, not just pregnant families, as it is a fun and educational book, but it could be especially beneficial to pregnant families. This book was written to highlight various temporary impact pregnancy has on a mother, positively and negatively. As it normally impacts the entire family, and for those who already have children, their child or children young minds. It answers questions curious little mind normally have about the changes happening to their mother's body, and very importantly how it will change the relationship dynamics between the mother and the older child/children. It is educational for the child and will help form a bond between parents, children, and the unborn child. Especially if read regularly as it explains various happenings of pregnancy, which will help the child to be more caring, and understanding towards mother and the unborn child. It could also help with preparation for the child to learn from experiences about pregnancy and the impact it can have on all woman's bodies and the family. I found the curiosity it triggers provides a perfect learning and bonding atmosphere for parents and children and unborn babies. Whiles, I am not proclaiming that every single thing that is in the book had happened to me nor all pregnancies will have the same outcome. I know of family friends and associate that has experience in the various areas highlighted. Each child and pregnancies are different, but this book was written to allow the parent to read to the child or children over and over while showing the picture to help them to understand the pregnancy process, and develop a closer bond with their parent and unborn child. It will also help the child to be more accepting. It was written to also help to minimize or prevent jealousy as it involves the child/children in the pregnancy process and preparation. It is written to try and make the older child/ children feeling less negated or rejected by the parent for a new child or children. It will help to create bonding and anticipation as a family. The child will learn that a family is a unit and the importance of family unity and responsibilities.


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