99 Things I Love About You: A Valentines Day gift to personalise for the one you love. Gertrude Lush Author
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A 6 x 9 (15.24 cm x 22.86cm) glossy finished, paper back journal, each page features a feint heart and is numbered 1-99. The inside cover page provides a space to write the name of the person you are writing the book about. A perfect, unique gift for Valentine's Day or any day you want to tell that special someone in your life what it is you love about them. This is an ideal format as it takes a really personal input and some considerable thought and attention. Each page is numbered, so you can list up to 99 things you love about your partner, friend, family member, child or even yourself! Maybe it's their playful nature, their intelligence, their generosity, their sense of humour, their stunning good looks, this journal and listing process will get you thinking about the specifics, maybe it's the cute way they sneeze, the way they make fantastic coffee, just the way you like it, maybe they fold socks beautifully, perhaps they always let you watch your favourite soap, maybe they always hold your hand when you're out together, or open a door for you, maybe they are lovely to your mad family or take the dog out when it's raining, maybe it's just the way they kiss you goodnight or tell you they love you every time you speak. Before you know it you'll have 99 things listed and then what a perfect gift to give to someone you adore for them to treasure and remind themselves of how much they are loved. Why not buy one for each of your children or one for your mum or dad or one for you and your partner and have some fun filling them in together! If you're single, get one for yourself and remind yourself of how many ways you are loveable.


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